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August 25, 2014 - Yay for another blog update!!

So, yes, obviously, I’m really attached to school right now. I don’t know what or how to describe myself. Am I really determined? Or am I just desperate? Well, there are times I really feel determined, because I want to reach that goal. I just realized how hard it is. I keep on comparing myself from the others. Sometimes I really feel tired. Sometimes I really want to give up, and sometimes I just want cashew nuts. But most of the time I want to sleep. I therefore conclude that I am sleep-deprived. I’ve been stressing myself.. I don’t want to do that again. *sigh* Sorry for being too dramatic.

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Anonymous: Bakit ang galing mong mag blog!? Curse you! Hehe sorry!

Wow. I just have to think twice if this was a complement or something much more absurd than what I thought it could be. Lol, kidding aside. Hehehe. Uhm, though the hesitation was a bit true. I did that kasi. Hahaha. Anyway, thank you(?), dear anon!

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You want to know why? Because it’s just but temporary! It may be beautiful now, but everything has its own unique timing. Beauty at the outward appearance will fade. Yes, it will. But one thing’s for sure, the beauty within one’s self will last forever. You know what? A person’s personal beauty will affect how they look outside. That’s true, because in the end we will realize the importance of having a pretty heart, rather than having a super pretty face. One day we will realize that it doesn’t really matter at all, that it is the beauty of the attitude that a person possesses would truly shine.

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A summary of August 15, 16, and 17, 2014.

Tomorrow is August 17, 2014. Sunday. 6:30 AM. My schedule for my UPCAT. We went at the Testing Center to visit, and give a short “feel” with the whole place. I found myself sitting quietly on the bleachers, staring at the whole place. I was feeling the place, and it overwhelmed me. I don’t know how to think straight right now. I hope I do not forget anything for tomorrow. God bless to me. Pray for me, guys! I really am nervous as heck right now. Ugh. This is it! The long wait and preparation is over.

Lord, if this is for me, let your will be done. I know that you’re going to be with me tomorrow. You are with me always. Lord, in you, I steady my heart. Because you’re calming me right now, and I know that you love me, and I know that you’ve already set your excellent and marvelous plans for my future. I am excited, Lord, and at the same time curious! This is a very big step in faith. I am empty-handed. I am nothing without you. So Lord, give me knowledge as I face tomorrow’s beautiful—and stressing siguro—day. This is it, guys! This is it! BA Journalism? Come on!! Let’s rock it!

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