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hello! what camera do you use in your photosets? :)

Hi there! I usually put it at the #tag section. Haha. My mobile’s camera, btw. :)

The famous “Sweater Weather” ● My kind of weather is the weather today: No heavy rains, just little drops of rain and a cold aura. It feels too comfortable, without the sounds of raindrops, just pure arctic feels, the sweaters, hot choco, books, coffees, McDo fries, and socks! This is a perfect day. A very perfect day. September 20, 2014.

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{090814} - I came back to where my heart is.

Kaffa Milktea. If you’ve read my last post about my favorite place, you’re awesome. And if not, here. You may read it here. PS: You’re still awesome! Lol. My life in squares. Just. Too. Awesome. The feels after 3 months of stress, and a large sized wintermelon milktea. My favorite since day 1! Okay okay, here are my life updates:

1.)    I’m rank number 5 sa achievers! Just so awesome! Thank you, God! My hard works paid off! Ohh yeah. But this is just the start. I’m still going to fight well this time. It’s the last year of my high school life, so I’d make the best of it! Fight! Haha. C’mon!
2.)    Going to have an Editorial Board Staffers seminar this Wednesday. My former Photojournalism Coach is the speaker. I’m so proud of him! And I’m happy because I’d get to see him again! Gosh, I really missed that ugly and very psychotic coach.
3.)    Not in a good shape, though. After all the hardships, meron nanaman. 2nd grading is starting to ruin my life. Urgh. Another level.. of haggardness, hardships. Double the heartaches of 1st quarter ba? Juice colored! I look like a zombie na. Or uglier than a zombie. Huhu. Please. When will this stop?! I want to sleep peacefully.
4.)    Yes I’m still alive but I’m barely breathing. Loljk. Ang hirap lang talaga kasi. Grabe lang. I need rest, Physics, Trigonometry and Economics teachers! Please. Just please have mercy on us! Anyway, kidding aside.. A little bit exaggerated, yes. Only, jokes are 70% meant according to my Economics teacher. Haha. Love you sir Bipolar! :p

Okay, I’ve talked nonsense. That’s the end of my updates. Sorry if it’s too boring. Ya’ll guys know I have a boring life, right? Though I promised myself it will be filled with such awesomeness one day. Correction: My life is already awesome because Jesus colored my dull life. And I know as I continue to walk in Him, it’s going to be so much awesome than before. Kinikilig ako kay God. Promise. Hahaha. Omg yes, it’s possible!

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