You're a perfect girlfriend. —by Anonymous

Oh, never ever say that. I am completely flawed. Just fighting!! :) xx

[04/24/14] - I just hope he doesn’t open my blog and read this.

Yes. Please don’t. I really hope he won’t. Ugh. 28 is fast approaching so I prepared this simple gift for him. I know he’s filled with so many of my words. I really couldn’t help it sometimes. I want to write letters for him until I’d run out of words. Anyway, this 28 will be our 8th month and I’m looking forward for more months & years.

Dear you, I’m writing to you because I love you. Thank you for starting this forever with me. I’m forever grateful. I hope you’d appreciate these. I know it’s not that *~bOngGaH*~ but for me, it’s really special, because you can see my effort you know?! Hahahahaha. I love you so much!! You’re the best boyfriend ever. *winks* Yeah, I know you know that. I love you. PS: Sorry for being so kornyyy here. You better be happy with all of these. Or else I will avenge you. Loljk. Advance happy 8th to us!!!

1.) He has done so many beautiful things in my life that I didn’t even deserve.

2-3.) Music and McDo fries will always be in that very special place in my heart.

4.) Random fact: Before I had globophobia, in which I searched in google simply means the fear of balloons… popping. Hehe. It all started when I was playing with a balloon, I tried to, uh, eat it.. So, it popped. I was so shocked back then, so after that I’m really afraid with balloons. It gives me goose bumps. I hate that feeling.

5.) This is a day I would never forget. That Valentine’s night, he went to our house and kind of “surprised” me by giving me these cupcakes. I thought it was pure cupcake but it has polvoron inside and it tastes magnifico! I miss this. He never gave me flowers because I don’t want him to (even if he wanted to). Okay, hehehe.

6.) A blast from the past. This day was the day I forgot I had a stomach which only has 12 to 16 GB of storage. I was so dizzy and nauseous cause of eating “too much.” Yeah, like my tummy was going to blow up, and I felt like—for the first time in forever—I didn’t want to eat for a whole week. But when tomorrow came I forgot that last sentence. I think I want to try that again! (I hope I’m not gonna die though loljk)

Irrelevant photos and irrelevant thoughts.

I’m going to keep moving forward. It’s really hard to motivate or inspire yourself to do something you’re not really good at or something you’re not used to do before. You tend to fail at all times even if you tried your best. But even if you tried your best, it is still not that “good enough.” So you need to try harder. Then you fail again. You get up, you fail again. Still, you get up, but now you improve. You fail. You get up, you improve more, you fail. You perfect it. That’s life. Just like a roller coaster. It keeps on motivating you to help you grow. Just keep on moving forward. Success is acquired little by little. Rough road. It’s hard to accomplish, but it’s worth it. Aja! :)

[04/02/14] - Fambam night-out!

And because we don’t spend family bonding frequently, I’m going to blog about this. We went to Shakey’s (Dagupan) because were to celebrate my cousin’s graduation. Yay! Next school year he’s going to be a grade 7 student! God bless, kiddo! Ate will always be proud of you! Hmm, okay.. I admit it. It feels so good to spend quality time with your family. It felt infinite for me. Uhm, of course, not just because of the food, but because of the people I had spent my night with. I love ‘em.