1.) He has done so many beautiful things in my life that I didn’t even deserve.

2-3.) Music and McDo fries will always be in that very special place in my heart.

4.) Random fact: Before I had globophobia, in which I searched in google simply means the fear of balloons… popping. Hehe. It all started when I was playing with a balloon, I tried to, uh, eat it.. So, it popped. I was so shocked back then, so after that I’m really afraid with balloons. It gives me goose bumps. I hate that feeling.

5.) This is a day I would never forget. That Valentine’s night, he went to our house and kind of “surprised” me by giving me these cupcakes. I thought it was pure cupcake but it has polvoron inside and it tastes magnifico! I miss this. He never gave me flowers because I don’t want him to (even if he wanted to). Okay, hehehe.

6.) A blast from the past. This day was the day I forgot I had a stomach which only has 12 to 16 GB of storage. I was so dizzy and nauseous cause of eating “too much.” Yeah, like my tummy was going to blow up, and I felt like—for the first time in forever—I didn’t want to eat for a whole week. But when tomorrow came I forgot that last sentence. I think I want to try that again! (I hope I’m not gonna die though loljk)

Irrelevant photos and irrelevant thoughts.

I’m going to keep moving forward. It’s really hard to motivate or inspire yourself to do something you’re not really good at or something you’re not used to do before. You tend to fail at all times even if you tried your best. But even if you tried your best, it is still not that “good enough.” So you need to try harder. Then you fail again. You get up, you fail again. Still, you get up, but now you improve. You fail. You get up, you improve more, you fail. You perfect it. That’s life. Just like a roller coaster. It keeps on motivating you to help you grow. Just keep on moving forward. Success is acquired little by little. Rough road. It’s hard to accomplish, but it’s worth it. Aja! :)

[04/02/14] - Fambam night-out!

And because we don’t spend family bonding frequently, I’m going to blog about this. We went to Shakey’s (Dagupan) because were to celebrate my cousin’s graduation. Yay! Next school year he’s going to be a grade 7 student! God bless, kiddo! Ate will always be proud of you! Hmm, okay.. I admit it. It feels so good to spend quality time with your family. It felt infinite for me. Uhm, of course, not just because of the food, but because of the people I had spent my night with. I love ‘em.

Lord, thank you so much for his life.
I stole all these pictures while he was asleep (obviously) hahahaha.

i. Your shirt crumple as you roll on the bed, fast asleep. You were like a baby. With such innocence, you rolled and change positions every after a few minutes until you find a good, comfortable spot to continue your journey in Dreamland. You were dreaming already. I knew it. And I hope you were dreaming of us in Paris, France.

ii. Your eyes will always be my favorite part. Because your eyes always say the truth. One moment you stare at me, I can feel myself turning to an ice. So fragile, easy to melt. I love looking at you, because even if you don’t state the phrase, “I love you”, I know your eyes shouts it from within. It will always be the window of truth.

iii. Your lips will always be second of my favorite parts, too. Not because I would kiss it, but because through it, I hear beautiful words from you. Like how you say “You’re my Princess, and I will take care of you.” It sounds so amazing, music to my ears. And how you sing songs to me will always be the best. Always the secret ingredient for my butterflies. I love the way you compose yourself and whisper songs to me, like it is just for me. I love the sound of your voice. Deep and sincere. Oh, I’m in love!

iv. Your hand fits in mine, like it’s made just for me.. The way you hold me with such genuine and tender hands strikes me all the time. I know I don’t show it that much, but if you’d listen very well, you can hear my bones breaking inside with your every touch. It feels comforting. I want you to hold me like this for the rest of my life. It makes me fall for you more and more, harder and harder. Yes. I love you so much. ♡

Day 4: It’s been 6 days after the closing of the school year and I miss school already. I can’t believe it’s summer vacation 2014 already. And I ain’t even prepared for the next school year. I hope it wouldn’t be dull. I’m not yet readyyy.

Spending the rest of my summer doing nothing productive is kind of boring. I hate spending my time at home just sitting around, watching tv, reading books, eating, sleeping, surfing the net—always the same cycle for like, uhh, every day. It tires me. I want to add some contrast to it. Like driving lessons for uhh, every day.

I was planning to do a summer job this summer, but unfortunately, I found no job suited for me. I need to raise cash for some leisure time purposes. Loljk. I just want this summer to be fun and cherish-worthy. (lol wahhht) and not just be a couch potato, you know what I meaaaan. Okay anyway, 26 days before my birthday. Yay? :):